Tiffany is a typographer and graphic designer currently living and working in San Jose, California. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University, she worked in magazine design in New York City. However, the drone of the rat race wasn’t fulfilling and the call of teaching was too strong, so she returned to her native Utah to teach as an adjunct professor in Graphic Design at BYU. After a few years, Tiffany changed her life once again when she found she couldn’t resist the lure of graduate school, and promptly moved to Reading, England and earned her Master of Arts in Theory and History of Typography and Graphic Communication from the University of Reading. She hasn’t looked back since. Her words have been published in STEP Inside Design, Interrobang (A SOTA Publication), Indie Fonts III, and TypeCulture and she has been a board member for the Society of Typographic Aficionados and a contributing volunteer for the Association Typographique Internationale. Tiffany is also a moderator at Typophile and probably spends too much time there.

Tiffany also wants you to know that she doesn’t always speak in the 3rd person and hopes you realize this. If you have any questions feel welcome to email. Tiffany will respond as soon as possible.

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